hydrodynamic cleaning in urban fiels
monuments cleaning and graffiti removal

Nta is qualified in the cleaning and graffiti removal from fa├žades and monuments and, more generally, in the cleaning of public areas. The use of the patented electric pump allows the removal of signs and graffiti, without using chemical products, on the most of surfaces from stone surfaces, concretes and cementitious materials in general to the most delicate such as, for example, historical monuments, respecting at the same time the integrity of the same.
In addition to the above aspects, they represent an issue in terms of urban decoration even those chewing gums left on the pavements. Generally, in order to solve this issue, we use hot pressure washers, which have just an incomplete result, though. Our system, added to a specific nozzle, allows the total elimination of chewing gum without any damaging on the treated surfaces.

monuments cleaning
graffiti removal

technology benefits

The specific system studied by nta is particularly good for being used in urban contexts in order to solve problems for the preservation of the decoration thanks to the following characteristics:

- Reduction of the amount of water used; 2/4 litres/minute compared to the 15-20 litres/minute of the traditional high pressure waters which is good to reduce the waste of that water needed in the making of different activities;
- Reduction of the amount of induced waste thanks to the considerable reduction of solvents and chemical products and following deduction of the related disposal costs;
- Versatility in the use of the electric pump on different surfaces being non-invasive and absolutely non-damaging for surfaces which have been not treated thanks to the adjustable pressure from 0 to 2500 bar;
- Flexibility in the application, thanks to the low flow rate of the water which allows the cleaning of surfaces in the urban contexts with high traffic without the use of scaffolding, causing minimum damages to the circulation; - Reduced dimensions of the electric pump which facilitate transport and movement on the workplace.

areas of application

- Monuments cleaning;
- Public area and urban pavements cleaning;
- Removal and cleaning from chewing gums from sidewalks and crossovers;
- Graffiti removal and cleaning;
- Construction industry.

Rome airport: cleaning intervention
building facade cleaning
monuments hydrodynamic cleaning
graffiti removal


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