undustrial hydrodynamic cleaning

Nebulized hydro jet with a low consumption of water (2/4 lt/min) and a modular pressure up to 2500 bar, thanks to its versatility, allows the personalised use in relation to the needs of the customers in the field of industrial cleaning and maintenance intervention. The hydrodynamic cleaning technology patented by us allows fast, focused and economic interventions, in the total respect of the environment.

Industrial cleaning
Tanks washing
Environmental reclamations
Glass production facilities
Automotive industry

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urban hydrodynamic cleaning

Thanks to the reduced water consumption and the minimum use of plant-based solvents, the hydrodynamic technology is particularly good for the cleaning in urban public areas. The surfaces are not attacked by chemical substances instead just the filth patina is removed, because it is caused by pollution or vandalism.

Monuments urban cleaning
Graffiti cleaning and removal
Pavements and buildings cleaning
Chewing gum removal.

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cryogenic cleaning

Our original cryogenic cleaning system use of carbon dioxide pellets (dry ice) replacing the sand or other abrasive agents, used by the traditional sandblasting procedure, with numerous benefits operationally and economically.

Rubber industry
Graphic and lithographic industry
Automotive industry
Metallurgical industry
Food industry

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nanomaterials treatment

In the last years, nanotechnologies are transforming the preventive maintenance techniques of the surfaces. Our company is focused on the surfaces treatment with nanomaterials which permit to maintain a much longer clean product with no minimum alteration in its aspect.

Stone artefacts treatment
Monuments treatment

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treatment of aeration systems

The cleaning and treatment of the ventilation systems are fundamental not only to maintain the efficiency of the installation also on an energetic point of view, but also for the safety and human health. An aeration and ventilation installation exposed to a regular and periodic maintenance guarantees the maximum operativity in the industrial fields and the proper progress of the different productive processes.

Cleaning of industrial aeration systems
Air ducts cleaning
Large air-conditioning systems cleaning

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other services

A division of our company works in the area of environmental reclamations and of the cleaning and reclamation of tanks and basins. We can offer the following services of environmental reclamation and industrial maintenance:

Collecting, transport and disposal of special hazardous waste and not hazardous waste
Cleaning and descaling of tanks and basins
Installations maintenance
Cleaning and video-inspections of pipes
Civil and industrial drains of cesspits and unclogging of sewage collectors with a canal jet

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