surfaces treatment

From the cooperation of nta srl with its patented cleaning method, ecobuild qualified in coating for inside and outside areas and colorobbia with ce.ri.col research center of the company, leader in the development of nanostructured systems, an innovative cleaning system and treatment with coating based on a titanium biossido in aqueous suspension.

Nanotechnologies use for the protection of stone surfaces and other surfaces, complete the procedure of the treatment of materials cleaned with hydrodynamic technology patented by nta. The application of nebulized nanotechnological solutions, produces, a conservative effect on those surfaces which preserves in time their integrity.

In addition to graffiti, pollutants by emission contributes to the deterioration of construction structures’ surfaces and of the local infrastructures. The most of polluting substances have an organic and inorganic origin: exhaust gas, heating system emissions, industrial wastes, smokes, moulds and bacteria, volatile compounds, fine dusts.
The decrease of the air pollution can be obtained with a natural reaction, photocatalysis made by a substance known as photocatalyst that, being activated by solar UV radiation, oxidize polluting substances. Thanks to oxidant properties, the titanium dioxide in its nanometric dimension (nano tio2) is capable to deteriorate the organic and inorganic pollutants produced by combustion.

Photocatalysis transforms polluting substances in a very small percentage of salts (sodium nitrate) and carbon dioxide which settle on the ground and are removed as an effect of the leaching of rain, while the carbon dioxide disperses in a natural way into the environment. The compounds obtained by degradation are soluble salts already present in the air, produced in an irrelevant quantity and particularly innocuous for the environment and for human health. The filth shall be removed naturally by the rain, or through a washing with water, without forming halos or drops creating as a result a "self-cleaning surface".

apllication fields of nanotechnologies

- Treatment of façades, pavements and stone artefacts;
- Monuments treatment;
- Photovoltaic systems treatment;
- Glass surfaces treatment.

benefits of the techniques

This method implicates a series of benefits such as:

- Creation of a protective film which protects and waterproofs those surfaces treated with corrosion phenomena not modifying the outward appearance and guarantee an anti-spot effect and anti-scaling;
- Creation of a protective clear coating anti-graffiti;
- Decrease of washings and mechanical solicitations and general abrasions;
- Decrease of maintenance costs and cleaning cycles;
- Elimination of the use of expensive and polluting detergents with a following benefit in terms of environmental protection;
- The application on photovoltaic systems avoids from the filth to settle in the porosity of the glass allowing always the best productive level. 


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