hydrodynamic cleaning in the industrial field

Application of the hydrodynamic system at a high pressure and low flow rate finds multiple fields of application in all the activities in which a non-invasive cleaning treatment is required on industrial installations, on pipes, jets, machineries, painting installations and tanks.

The hydrodynamic technology patented by nta allows the considerable reduction in the use of acidic substances and solvents for cleaning purposes, with a resulting benefit in terms of environmental and economic protection.
Contrary to traditional hydrodynamic cleaning systems, is essential, in fact, to not depend anymore from the water flow rate but from the pressure deriving from the work of the water itself, which, being modular, allows us to intervene on surfaces in a different way according to their characteristics and the kind of intervention required.

technical cleaning intervention

Diverse areas of application

- Automotive: particularly for what concern the cleaning of the painting circuits, the cleaning of the cataphoretic installations, Teflon grids and advancement chains
- Environmental reclamations and tanks' washing
- Installations for the glass making

The latest generation pumps, with a pressure from 0 to 250 bar and a flow rate of 2 litres/minute allow, thanks to very reduced dimensions and a restrained weight, a convenient working, fast and dynamic on each of the installations, substantially reducing the machine downtime.

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Benefits of hydrodynamic cleaning

- Low cost compared to the traditional cleaning systems (traditional hydrodynamic and sandblasting);
- Decrease of the amount of water used, 2/4 litres/minute compared to the 15-20 litres/minute of the traditional high pressure washers;
- Decrease of the amount of caused and the resulting reduction of the related disposal costs;
- Respect for the environment, thanks to the low need for using solvents and chemical products;
- Possibility to intervene in those points which were inaccessible by using traditional cleaning techniques;
- Substantial reduction of intervention timing because most of the works can be done directly on the place.

In conclusion: the cleaning interventions by using water at a high pressure and low flow rate have an environmental impact considerably lower compared to the traditional mechanical methods.

hydrodynamic cleaning
high pressure water jet


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