Hydrodynamic cleaning applications
as an alternative to sadnblasting

There are different fields of application for the hydrodynamic cleaning and in each area, this technique was revealed to be better than traditional high pressure washers. This technique can be assimilated to “sandblasting with water”. The sandblasting with water is done with our innovative group at a high pressure and represent the new outer reach of sandblasting without using sand and abrasive substances by only using water. In this way, we can have the same result that we have with sandblasting but in a totally ecological way and with no risks in damaging the materials with abrasive chemical agents.

industrial cleaning

Non-invasive cleaning treatments on pipes, reactors, pavements, machineries, painting installations, tanks’ cleaning, and all the applications normally cleaned with the use of solvents.
Cleaning and descaling without the need for professionals to enter the chimneys. The large machinery and equipment inventory allows us to intervene when is needed to remove the superficial scaling or accidental polymerizations from the tank and process equipment. The use of nozzles and heads make it possible to operate in dangerous places without the need of the entry of the staff.
Specifically, we use these devices:
- High pressure pump (1000 bar; 140 l/min)
- Rotating nozzle on two axes
- Hydrodynamic cleaning of the chimney, tank and reactor through a perpendicular movement of the nozzle with a pulley.

tanks' washing

Descaling of the machineries.

industrial reclamations

- Tanks reclamation
-Filter press cleanings
-Cold cutting of the tanks (waterjet cutting)
-Decontamination and cleaning of the industrial installations.

contruction industry

In the construction industry, the hydrodynamic cleaning substitute the traditional sandblasting based on the use of abrasives rather than just water at a high pressure.
Removal of deteriorated coatings
Superficial preparation of containment basins
Façade and pavement cleaning and general urban cleanings

transport industry

Tankers’ reclamation and descaling
Hydro rubber removal of the streets
Hydro rubber removal of airstrips.

urban and civil cleaning

- Graffiti’s cleaning
- Carbon deposits removal
- Pavements cleaning from the chewing gums
The use of high pressure water pumps is a particularly appreciated service in the urban area, when a cleaning of high traffic surfaces is required, because this doesn’t prevent the traffic itself.
A specific system is dedicated to a problem which distress urban contexts such as the graffiti problem: chewing gums on the ground, on sidewalks. They are removed without using any chemical substance but just with water in pressure which make this a highly ecologic system. Moreover, in this case, we don’t just remove chewing gums, but if you desire we can wash the entire surface.

floor hydrodynamic cleaning
urban cleaning of graffiti
murble and stone cleaning


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