cryogenic cleaning
a valid and ecologic alternative to sandblasting

Our company, always committed in the field of new technologies, offers an innovative cleaning service based on cryogenic techniques.
Cryogenic cleaning goes beyond the traditional sandblasting system replacing sand or other abrasive elements with frozen pellets of carbon dioxide and compressed air. The use of a cleaning method and dry ice is particularly indicated for the industrial machinery cleaning because it removes the filth without damaging in any way the machineries because it doesn’t use additives and chemical solvents and doesn’t leave any residual substance following the intervention.
Cryogenic sandblasting has an environmental and economic impact considerably low compared to the mechanic methods previously used and make it possible to have a considerable saving of time because in this way is possible to intervene on the machineries and equipment directly on the productive line.

cryogenic sandblasting

benefits of cryogenic cleaning compared to sandblasting

This method implicates a series of benefits such as:

- Physical process which produces chemical reactions;
- Cleaning methods completely not abrasive;
- Ecological system which doesn’t involve any environmental risk;
- Opportunity to clean machineries, generators, hydraulic devices or pneumatic devices and electrical installations with or without a partial disassembly of the pieces;
- Opportunity to intervene on energized equipment;
- Opportunity to intervene on high-tech installations;
- Opportunity to intervene in areas at risk of explosion and/or inaccessible;
- Improvement of working conditions of the workers: a procedure without any chlorinated and fluorinated solvents extremely toxic for the man and polluting for the environment.

Additionally, the equipment we use, has an extremely limited weight, and so it is easily transportable. Iced carbon dioxide pellets, have a shape and dimension such as a grain of rice, they are carried in specific containers and “live” for 5 days.

fields of application of cryogenic cleaning

The fields of application of cryogenic cleaning are various and in each area this technique has been revealed better than traditional sandblasting techniques.
Cryogenic cleaning system is particularly indicated to be used in the area of industrial cleaning techniques. Moreover, thanks to its versatility, it finds an efficient use in various areas:

- Food industry;
- Glass industry;
- Rubber industry;
- Automotive.

industrial Cryogenic cleaning
cryogenic sandblasting


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