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Thanks to more than ten years of experience reached in the technical, urban and industrial cleaning field, New Applied Technologies s.r.l. (nta) has reached a know-how which currently places it as a landmark for private companies and public institutions in the context of interventions of maintenance and requalification both urban and industrial. This purpose has been achieved also with the help of a staff with a high expertise and one of the best equipped and sophisticated vehicle fleet.

The continuous investments in research and technological innovation with a very low environmental impact made it possible for us to offer our customers targeted and efficient services in order to satisfy any kind of problem; this thanks to an innovative use of hydrodynamic technology in the urban and industrial area, the cryogenic, the protective treatment with the use of nanomaterials of the surfaces, environmental reclamations and the disposal of special and industrial waste.

Submarine technical cleaning with high pressure water

Respect of the environment and safety

Our company is qualified in the implementation of cleaning and maintenance activities through the use of technology and methodology in the total respect of the environment. Particularly, the hydrodynamic cleaning technique patented by us, allows to reduce in a considerable way the quantity of water used and avoid the use of solvents and chemical products.

Another important perspective which characterize the “modus operandi” of our company is a attention for the safety conditions of the workers.
Our staff has all the most technologic advanced safety systems in order to minimize risks of injury and our company implements a continuous management scheme for the workers with the purpose to involve the same workers in the processes of accidents prevention at work.

Organization, qualification, efficiency

Our company offers services in the area of urban and industrial hydrodynamic cleaning, of the cryogenic cleaning, and environment reclamation.
Our organization and long-standing experience in the area of technical cleaning allows us to intervene in a specific way thanks to:

-Specific operational units;
-Machineries realized as independent units;
-Vehicles conveniently dedicate to the carriage of machineries to the workplace.

This, together with the high level of qualification of our workers, make every of our intervention highly efficient in order to guarantee a fast and valid resolution of any kind of problems.

high pressure water cleaning
Industrial hydrodynamic cleaning

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