treatment and cleaning of ventilation systems

Nta takes care and offers to its customers cleaning and purification services for ventilation systems. Nta, thanks to the use of its own high pressure equipment, projects and fulfil intervention, synergistically exploiting the potentiality of its own structure in order to optimize costs and to guarantee consistent high quality results.
Cleaning and sanification of the installations for the air treatment happens directly on the place avoiding the dismantling and allows the energetic recovery of about the 25%.
In addition, at the end of the cleaning cycle, a sanification treatment by using Nano silver, is done.

aeration systems cleaning
ventilation systems cleaning

how the cleaning happens

The operational phases of each intervention are:

- Visual and technical survey and inspection;
- Introduction of the technical report of Inspection with the identification of the needed activities;
- Definition of the cleaning project with the identification of the processes, resources and constraints;
- Implementation of the project and subsequent Validation of the result achieved;
- Technical report of detailed Reclamation and Certification;
- Periodic inspection plan and continuous monitoring actions.


At the end of each intervention a periodic Check is compiled, in order to maintain the installations always efficient. In this way, we can notice, over time, not only a saving in energetic terms but also in terms of future interventions.


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