hydrodynamic cleaning and nanomaterials

The hydrodynamic cleaning system patented by nta is based on the use of an innovative technology that, combining three elements such as pressure, flow rate and rotation, allows a high cleaning action by using nebulised water at a very high pressure and a low flow rate (2-4 lt/min.). Such new technology represents a real revolution if we consider the traditional concept of pressure washers with a 15/20 litre/min.

Registered patent TO 2011 A 000992, PCT/IT2012/000294 - TO 2012 A 000615 PCT/IT2013/000185

Patent N. 102016000083983 "Vehicle equipped with an electric generator able to dispense up to 30 KW with power supply directly from the gearshift"

Nebulised waterjet with a low consumption of water (2/4 lt/min) and an adaptable pressure up to 2.500 bar

An innovative technology which finds its field of application in the context of cleaning and civil and urban techniques, renovation and recovery of the architectural, artistic and historic heritage, and both the one of industrial cleanings, equipment maintenance and production installations.

Nanotechnological clear coating (30-50 nanometres)

The applications of materials on a nanoscale following the hydrodynamic treatment allow the protection of the surface, making it waterproof to dirty and atmospheric agents. Moreover, the application of a photocatalytic self-cleaning «clear coating» allow to break down pollutants that derive from the emissions.

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commitment to the environment

NTA has found its strength in the hydrodynamic cleaning putting this technology at the service of the city for the protection of the environment.

The experience gained in this field, has made possible for our company to develop a technology which is capable to conjugate a good operative result with a minimum waste of water using just 2-4 litres/min.

The power pump patented by us permit also to minimize both the waste production which derives from the cleaning activity (induced waste) and both the power consumption.
The cleaning treatment with just the water in pressure, allows, in fact, to eliminate the use of solvents and chemical products therefore making this system virtuous in terms of environmental protection; while the original high and low pressure system is installed on a methane medium equipped with a water supply tank, the power pump is therefore powered taking advantage of the modular power take of the medium; thereby achieving a significant energy-saving during the application. The movable unit constitutes the arrival point of the technology which we patented and allows independent efficiency up to 360°.

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